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logo, business card, shop card, web design


東京・南青山のイタリアンレストラン「bis tris」 (ビストリス)

The owner-chef aspired his restaurant to be a place that always had something new to discover, no matter how many times you visited. So he named the restaurant "bis tris" — "bis" is "encore," and "tris" is the word for a second encore in Italian theatre. The course meals are like a performance where each dish is thoughtfully orchestrated and presented with handmade and fresh seasonal ingredients.

The logo was designed entirely of geometric elements, rendering the feel of a top view of a theatre, keeping in theme with the contemporary aspects of the restaurant and interior design.



ビストリスのサイト ホームページ
ビストリスの入り口 サイン

Interior design and architecture: wacca architects